We will turn your idea into reality

We enable entrepreneurs and small business owners to start their own marketplace platforms in seconds.
Fast time to market, easy to customize, free forever.

Sharing Economy and Marketplaces

Online marketplaces have recently been popular with the rise of "Sharing Economy". This allows people to easily access online someone else’s goods, services or spaces on a peer-to-peer (C2C), B2C and B2B basis. Some of the most nothworthy online marketplace platforms are Airbnb, Uber, Taskrabbit or Etsy. We support your ideas and allow you to have your own online Service marketplace or a custom marketplace that fits into your business model as well as industry.


Service Marketplace
(e.g. Taskrabbit, Fiverr ...)


Rental Marketplace
Coming soon.

Your Custom Marketplace

MVP made for you

Our ready-to-go solution will enable you to start and configure your Marketplace, get you on the market quickly and test your business idea.

Fast time to market

We encourage and enable entrepreneurs to go to market, explore their customers, and validate their ideas instead of spending time on building a product that might not work in the end.

Easy to customize

No developers needed. No coding skills needed. Easily build and manage your marketplace through the Admin dashboard.

Free forever

Start with the core, spend nothing. We provide you with a free Marketplace which will allow you to get your first users, collect feedback and develop your platform accordingly instead of worrying about the costs.

Easily build your community


Fast setup, no commitments.

You can start your marketplace right away in a matter of minutes and without any commitments. Your marketplace is for free until a certain amount of users. We believe that the value for your startup is not in the technology, but in the community that you build with the technology.

No programming skills needed

We take care of the technology, you build your Sharing Economy business. We want to empower those without programming knowledge and make anyone easily start their Sharing Economy business.


Build your brand

Easily build and manage your marketplace through Admin dashboard and provide your users with a customized marketplace with your own concept.



TalentWand is a community of freelance services that can help you build up your Sharing Economy business.

The platform brings talented talents and entrepreneurs/startups together.

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